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Rust (platform/full-stack) engineer at Terraform

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About us: Terraform is automating on-site construction with robotics and software. Our mission is to make construction primarily software-defined and work towards a future where beautiful, bespoke buildings are built within a single day with minimal labor.

We're in the first days of building the company and we are recruiting for the early engineering team. This is a unique opportunity to be one of the first ten employees at a startup be immersed in a high-growth, high ambition startup environment, and to work with an experienced founding team surrounded by top-tier investors from day 1. You can read a bit more on working at Terraform, why we believe you should spend your time working on construction, learn more about our vision and about the company.

About this role: At Terraform, we’re building an operating system for on-site construction through robotics. Our core platform, which takes building designs, converts them to a building plan and coordinates multiple robots and their supply chain, is written in Rust.

Some examples of what you’ll be working on: - Work on the core architecture of our platform, designing the right abstractions to map the messy world on construction into usable software abstractions. Work with embedded and controls engineers to implement low-level code at the right layer of our platform. - Figure out how to cross-compile your code to a new microcontroller architecture, or to WebAssembly so that we can run it in our in-browser simulation environment.

What you'll be responsible for: - Writing and owning clean, Rust code that can serve as a long-term foundation for our platform. Prototyping and build components that interacts with various microcontrollers and distributed subsystems. - Taking full ownership of a project, going from idea to prototype to finished project.

What we’re looking for: - Proven experience in building Rust applications, ideally with some experience of running it on embedded systems or interfacing with hardware. - Software engineering skills and best practices. You use git for version control, know how to do unit tests or how to automate deployment of your code. - Strong theoretical CS or mathematics foundation–e.g. you should be able to understand linear algebra transformations in 3d space. - Strong familiarity with Linux systems engineering and conventions. E.g., you’re comfortable around the /sys and /dev directories and know how to get stuff done there. - Knowledge of common communication protocols, e.g. UDP, TCP/IP and WebSockets.

Amsterdam, Netherlands


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