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We have an incredibly exciting opportunity for an experienced full stack engineer to join our team early in our company journey, reporting to the CTO and working alongside the founders.


Platformed’s mission is to help Sales and CS teams to meet their customers’ procurement and compliance requirements from pitch to renewal.

Our customers are scrutinised in ever-increasing detail by their prospective customers, who demand information around information security, data privacy, governance, financial resilience, ESG, SLA performance… the list goes on. This happens across the whole customer lifecycle, reactively and proactively, and there are no good tools to solve it: it relies on spreadsheets and CRM notes and people manually organising.

Platformed’s workflows, AI and integrations solve for this, helping our customers to grow faster, save time and reduce frustration while still meeting the demand imposed upon them by customers. And in the future, we’ll move this communication away from natural language altogether.


  • You'll build a SaaS application using cutting edge technology (Rust & TypeScript), and you'll be hands-on with everything adjacent to that, from cloud deployment to system architecture.
  • You'll work across the stack - joining us early means you’ll be involved in every aspect of the product - that doesn't just mean working on both the frontend and backend of our codebase, you might speak to customers to help them get the most out of the product or help build a demo for a sales pitch.
  • You'll influence what we build together, not just how we build it - you'll decide where we should focus our efforts to deliver the most value for our customers, and lay a solid foundation for the product and the business in the future.
  • You’ll work alongside engineers with previous experience building and scaling a B2B SaaS product from zero to exit.

We’re looking for someone who…

  • is motivated by making a difference for customers, and by building something that solves real problems for real people.
  • thrives in a fast-paced, less structured operating environment - you’re confident in your ability to be sure you’re working on the most important thing at any given moment.
  • cares about building high quality software, and you have strong opinions on how to do that. You understand the trade-offs between doing things 'right', and doing things 'at the right time' in a growing business.
  • is comfortable working on the backend or the frontend, building 'both sides' of a feature - even if you have a preference for one or the other.
  • has 5+ years of experience in Software Engineering, building customer-facing applications where you spoke directly to users.
  • can demonstrate proficiency using Rust in a professional or open-source context.
  • is able to spend at least 2 days (Monday + Tuesday) per week at our office in Central London.


  • £70-90k salary depending on your experience.
  • We think you should choose how to spend your comp, not us! We prioritise your base salary over expensive benefits.
  • Every role comes with generous equity options.
  • 33 days of annual leave per year.
    • This includes public holidays (you are free to take them on public holidays or not).
  • Currently, the first Friday of every month is a company-wide day off, which doesn’t eat up your leave allowance. Just promise to post your bungee-jumping selfies on #random.


  • What is your office/remote working policy?
    • Everybody attends our Central London office on Mondays and Tuesdays, unless it’s a day off! It’s really important for us to have this time together, face-to-face.
    • You can choose to work from home or attend the office on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.
  • What are the working hours like?
    • We believe that we get the best results in the long term by keeping things sustainable. Problem solving and relationship building works better when you’re feeling fresh!
    • Aim for 9am-6pm with flexibility when you need it. Sometimes we’ll have to work late or on a weekend to meet a deadline, but this is the exception and not the norm.
    • We expect you to use up your annual leave allowance in full and encourage you to make best use of the monthly Friday off! (see Benefits…)
  • Where is the office?
    • The office is currently located right next to Victoria station in London.
    • If we move to a new office, it will be in Central London and near to a public transport hub.
  • Do you have company socials?
    • We have a social every month on an office Tuesday.
    • There’s a generous budget so we can enjoy an activity or go for a nice meal.
  • What is your tech stack?
    • We’re using React & TypeScript on the frontend, and Rust on the backend - everything is hosted on Google Cloud, and we’re all-in on Postgres.



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