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About Polybase

Polybase is a decentralized privacy preserving database (essentially a zk-rollup, with native indexing and storage).

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Your traits

  • Expert level Rust, our tech test is very hard to pass (you better be good with threads and lifetimes 😅)
    • Seriously, only apply if you’re top 1%
    • And want to work with people who are also top 1%
  • You love solving really hard problems and want to work on something meaningful and challenging
  • You work best with autonomy, you want to be left alone to get on with it (we have only one meeting a week)
  • You want be an active part of decision making and have time to work on your ideas
  • You want to get in early with a start up to convert your hard work into maximum equity / upside
  • You love open source
  • You are proactive and have read the Polybase whitepaper.


  • Experience with compilers
  • Experience building (not using) distributed systems
  • Mathematical or cryptography background
  • Understanding of low level computer science primitives (vm, heap, stack, memory allocation, etc)
  • Experience optimising performance

The role

We're rebuilding the database from the ground up. Things you could be working on:

  • Compiling from our native language Polylang to Miden VM (a zk vm language)
  • Consensus protocol (we have our own implementation)
  • Merkle Tree rollup
  • Indexers (we use rocks-db under the hood)
  • P2P communication using libp2p
  • Optimizing performance of archictecture



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