Frequently asked questions | Rust.Careers

Frequently asked questions | Rust.Careers

How long is my post open?

We have revoked the renewal part, your post will stay online until you manually remove it or ask us to do so.

How do I edit my post?

When you purchase a job post, you will get an edit code emailed to you. Use this code here /edit-code

How does Job bundles work?

You can purchase a job bundle here. When you purchase a job bundle, a list of activation codes will be emailed to you. Select one of the codes and enter the code as a discount code on this page.


Vat is included in the price and can be viewed on the invoice.

Does Rust.Careers accept crypto currency?

We only support crypto currencies when purchasing job bundles, not on single posts.

What Browsers are supported?

We recommend that you use Brave or Chrome browser.

Got more questions?

Contact us by emailing info at this website