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At Auxon, our mission is to enable a world of automation that we can all depend on. We give engineers and innovators the cutting-edge tools they need to navigate, understand, and address the risks inherent in the complex systems they're building and testing.

Sr Software Engineer

We're looking for an exceptional Software Engineer with an end-user focus and strong opinions about what makes for an excellent testing & debugging experience (e.g. data visualization, CLIs, and TUIs). Ideal candidates love the idea of joining a small, dedicated senior dev team where correctness and quality matters.

Our stack is primarily Rust (both std and no_std). Professional Rust experience isn't a prerequisite, but we've found that being into something a little weird is helpful (e.g. your teammates draw from backgrounds in embedded C, Erlang, and Clojure).


  • 100% Medical / Dental / Vision insurance coverage for you and your dependents
  • Employee life insurance
  • Unlimited PTO + Company-wide Holidays
  • 401(k) program
  • Employee Stock Options
  • 100% remote team
  • Flexible hours


  • Participate in product development. This mostly means coding in Rust, doing code reviews, and writing and reviewing design docs. Sometimes you'll do user-facing design work, currently in the form of CLI interactions and SDK design. Sometimes there will be some platform or language integration work as well.
  • Work directly with customers to understand how to improve our products.
  • Whatever else comes up. We're a small company, and we do what it takes to get things done.


  • You are naturally curious about technology. When you use a platform or tool, you make it your business to figure out how it works.
  • You are proficient in engineering at a system level. You know what it takes to do system-level design, implementation, and verification.
  • You have experience in and strong opinions about intuitive, intelligent TUI and CLI design.
  • You think about the user in all design and implementation decisions you make.
  • Directly applicable technical skills: Rust, SQL, Distributed Systems. You don't need experience in all of these to apply, but you'll need to be able to learn them quickly.
  • Bonus skills: Embedded Development (C), Frontend development (Javascript / React), Windows, Logic Programming, Parsing, Functional Programming, Formal Methods.
  • You are deeply frustrated by how broken most software is, and want to do something about it.

Learn more about us at (And if you want to go deeper, check out our Docs.)

Portland, USA/Remote


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